Teletherapy FAQ

How does online counseling work?

Teletherapy works in much the same way as onsite therapy. You can speak to a licensed practitioner for a free consultation and schedule an initial session. The therapist will provide access to a patient portal for you to sign initial documentation and engage in the therapy sessions through a HIPAA compliant, video conferencing platform.

Do I need a good knowledge of technology to participate in teletherapy?

No, teletherapy is as easy as picking up the phone and calling your therapist. Clients are given detailed instructions for accessing the client portal and joining a session, and email/text reminders can also be sent for clarification.

Relationship Recovery staff are trained in providing additional assistance to walk you through the process as needed.

Does my insurance cover teletherapy?

As with all mental health services, some insurance plans will cover telehealth services, and others may not. Check with your insurance company to verify coverage. If teletherapy is not covered under your plan, talk to your therapist about a lower cost/sliding scale option of payment.

Can I have my sessions anywhere?

You can elect to have your sessions anywhere in the state of Florida, whether it is your home, workplace, or any location where your privacy feels respected.