Couples Therapy

Having an impartial couples counselor can help obtain insight into your relationship. Whether you or your partner are having trouble with a stage of life issue, are experiencing a mental health crisis such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse, or are navigating codependency issues, a licensed therapist is skilled in navigating a solution.

Why choose couples therapy?

A marriage therapist can assist you with finding the happy medium in your relationship. They can

  • Mediate problematic situations
  • Identify issues within the relationship
  • Provide insight into each partner’s contribution
  • Assist with creating attainable goals

They do NOT

  • Take sides
  • Pit one partner against the other
  • Give all the answers
  • Judge

Is couples therapy right for me?

Relationship Recovery wants to ensure that each partner feels safe and comfortable with their therapist. That is why we offer free consultations!