Celebrating a Ghost: Mother’s Day 2020

Everything is different. Even as the country attempts to reopen and resemble some sort of normalcy in the world, we can still feel it.

As yet another holiday approaches, I wanted to choose this one to speak about. Many men and women opt out of the traditional brunch with mom in leu of a different form of celebration; Whether it is visiting a grave sight, practicing a favorite ritual alone, or making an attempt to ignore the day altogether. This year, due to social distancing restrictions, many people may choose more nontraditional ways to honor the occasion.

Some are grieving

This year, people are grieving during the holidays even though their loved ones are alive. They may be able to talk to them frequently, but the lack of close interaction with loved ones has taken a toll. This year, try to shake things up while still committing to social distancing rules. For instance, we plan to prepare a nice dinner for my mother in law and drop it off at her house to enjoy. Others are engaging in video chatting activities and virtual scavenger hunts to bridge the gap on this special day.

Some are hurt

The current political climate has driven trenches through relationships, and some families are deciding to not honor the holidays at this time. They are opting to keep themselves healthy and display appropriate boundaries with family members. It’s okay to not be okay right now, and if family dynamics are causing mental strain, it’s okay to take some distance and utilize self care. Some are using the holiday for a “me day” and taking a social media detox through the weekend to recharge.

Some are scared

There is a large part of the population that has been impacted by COVID-19 and layoffs at their jobs. They personally know loved ones that have contracted the disease, they have been put on furlough for the foreseeable future at their job; they don’t know where the money for their bills will come from because they are one of many that have been denied unemployment benefits. This Sunday, they are choosing themselves and their loved ones. Whether that means staying indoors to avoid contracting or spreading the disease, or refreshing the page for Florida’s unemployment benefits for the 100th time in the hopes of providing for their family.

Everything is different now, but our purpose remains the same; we are social beings and are doing our best to feel connected in the ever-changing world around us. Resources are available if you’re struggling during this time. Schedule a free consultation with a Relationship Recovery therapist today.

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