Loving Yourself on Valentine’s Day

This day isn’t always the easiest. Some are alone, some are in a bad place, others are yearning for what could be. Valentine’s Day is marketed to show your significant other that they mean the world to you. So what do you do if you don’t have an SO? This day can leave you with a serious case of FOMO.

But why? Why do we cling to these ideals that society tells us are important? These societal norms that, for all intents and purposes, are designed to boost economic sales in the jewelry, candy, and flower businesses.

What society tells us vs. what we believe to be true

Society, the movies, even our friends and family tend to tell us that we will be happier when we find “the one”. That life will magically fall into place and everything will be okay. In between the lines, you are seeing one common theme:

You aren’t good enough when you’re alone

This is simply not the case, but it is a deep hole that many adults find themselves stumbling into. Rather, it is important to know that you are worthy of love, and you are a whole and authentic person whether you have a partner or not

How can someone else love you if you don’t love yourself?

Say that again, slowly. How can someone else love you if you don’t love, or even accept, yourself? We get caught up in the grass is greener metaphor without watering our own lawn. It’s important to remember the influence that social media plays with internal happiness and acceptance; not everything you see is real. Most of it is fabricated, and people rarely show the raw, personal parts of themselves that others may not accept. You are not the only person with quirks and flaws that make you, you.

This Valentine’s Day

Today, I implore you to work on your relationship with yourself. Romantic relationships may come and go, but you will be with yourself for the rest of your life. Take care of yourself today. Go out and buy the dress that you’ve been eyeing in the shop window. Binge the newest Netflix series with a glass of wine. Try that hobby that you’ve been too self conscious to pick up. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and the rest will follow

A look at my self care/self love day so far:

Steak with blackberry and gorgonzola sauce
‘Just because’ flowers

Like what you see? Want to talk next steps to become your authentic, wonderful self?