Wellness Wednesday- Emotional

Personal wellness consists of a balance between your emotional, spiritual, environmental, physical, social, intellectual, and occupational selves. Doesn’t seem to hard to manage, right? 😉

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is defined as proper self-care and working towards relaxation and inner strength

Emotional wellness is anything that makes you feel “whole” again during a draining time in your life.


Today, I took care of my emotional wellness in a 21st century way. One of my favorite hobbies is finding a new, obscure tv show and diving into the universe of the characters. I found a new Netflix show and got comfortable on the couch with my dog.

Sometimes, life can throw you curve balls and you can feel emotionally drained. It’s hard to be a therapist and assist people with their emotions while yours are overwhelming at times. That is why proper emotional self care is so important in this field. I was able to spend a couple mindless hours getting lost in the story of the series, and I felt emotionally recharged and ready to take on anything.