Wellness Wednesday- Occupational

Personal wellness is made up of the following; emotional, spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, occupational, and environmental. For our second week, we will focus on occupational wellness.

Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness is defined as taking care of your work/life balance

Occupational wellness can consist of appropriate work boundaries, taking time off to avoid burn out, or collaborating with others.


Today, I expressed my occupational wellness by taking on challenges in my private practice. This has been a recently new venture, and several roadblocks have presented themselves to me over the last few months. At this time, I’m facing the challenges head on. Today, I did marketing research and found new solutions to the marketing issues I am facing. I’m learning about that avenue of my business in order to reach and help more people. That being said, I’m proud to announce our new Instagram page:


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